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Design Services:

The first step is to contact us to ensure we are a good fit for your project in terms of location and budget. Once this has been established, we will set an appointment to meet in your home to discuss your ideas for the project.

We will also discuss a suitable price range for your project. After this meeting, our design team will carefully evaluate the scope of your project and we will then determine the cost of the design contract. 

The deliverable of a design contract generally consists of input from our designer, drawings of your existing space, a new proposed floor plan, cabinet plans, elevations, electrical plan, tile plan and all the selections (plumbing and electrical fixtures, granite, tile, cabinets), along with a detailed and thorough construction contract. 

All of this is very comprehensive, so we know what it will cost to execute your specific project based on the items selected and the plans drawn.

John Thomann Floorplan_Page_1.png
John Thomann Floorplan12_Page_6.png
Kitchen Plan layout_Page_1.png
Kitchen Plan layout_Page_2.png
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